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Mazaheri Law Firm regularly represents employees and employers facing a wide range of employment law claims all across Oklahoma. We are a diverse, knowledgeable team that vigorously advocates for our clients' rights while seeking solutions that preserve their interests. We understand the deep implications of disputes for workers and employers alike, and we work to ensure that our solutions are in line with their goals. From negotiation to litigation, our attorneys provide hands-on, personalized guidance each step of the legal process.

We are passionate about assisting clients that have experienced an adverse action from their employer for illegal reasons in violation of Federal and State laws. We look forward to meeting with you one-on-one and getting to know you and evaluating your case’s liability and damages. Call us today to assist you with your legal claim.

We can represent employees and employers in cases involving:

  • Discrimination involving violations of Title VII: race, national origin, gender, sexual stereotyping, age, disability, religion, military status, and pregnancy

  • Unpaid Wages including violations of the FLSA, unpaid overtime, mis-classifications, minimum wage violations, hour violations, etc.

  • Retaliation for reporting harassment or misconduct in the workplace, filing worker’s compensation claims, or reporting illegal activity, etc.

  • Whistleblower retaliation if an employee has been disciplined or terminated for reporting illegal activities

  • Severance Agreements including the drafting, negotiating, and reviewing of contracts for workers and employers; evaluation of non-compete, non-solicitation clauses

  • Sexual Harassment claims involving sexual intimidation, sexual favors, lewd jokes, sexual assault, work pornography, etc.

  • Same Sex Discrimination: We can handle cases involving discrimination against LGBT individuals by employers through sexual stereotyping.


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Our Oklahoma City employment law lawyers have broad knowledge of state and federal laws as well as administrative regulations that affect workers and employers across many industries. We have represented workers ranging from undocumented employees to professional workers, and employers that have included small businesses to landowners or commercial and residential properties.

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Cost-Effective Approach to Workplace Disputes in Oklahoma

We are sensitive to the resources of our clients and strive to resolve issues quickly and efficiently to avoid excessive costs. Our employment law attorneys apply creative strategies and explore cost-efficient methods whenever possible. Yet, we remain firm in our readiness to litigate if necessary and will not protract litigation in order to obtain more billable hours.

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We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your specific issue. An Oklahoma City employment lawyer attorney at our firm can review your claim to discuss its merits and what your legal options may be. We are selective with our cases as we want to ensure that each case receives the utmost care and attention required for a positive outcome.

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